We at SOPHiA GENETICS want to contribute to make the global healthcare system more sustainable. It is our strong belief that digital technologies are the key to unlocking the era of Data-Driven Medicine, where secure data pooling and knowledge sharing will be extremely valuable for patients. By helping healthcare professionals leverage their expertise and work together as a community, patients all over the world can receive equal access to better diagnoses and treatments. Combining the first two pillars of Data-Driven Medicine, Genomics and Radiomics, we can ensure that the data used to help patients today will also benefit the patients of tomorrow.





A cross-disciplinary team composed of world renowned experts who truly believe in the Data-Driven Medicine Revolution and are committed to deliver advanced analytical genomics, radiomics and clinical trials applications to help save patients' lives.


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Join the Global Leader in Data-Driven Medicine and help save millions of patients around the world. See what job is tailored for you. 


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The visionary backers that are making the promise of personalised medicine a reality...


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