Invoke Capital, founded by Mike Lynch, makes investments in European fundamental technology, using the operational expertise of its partners to scale companies rapidly across multiple markets. Focussed on advanced mathematics, the company has investments in cybersecurity, genomics, and augmented reality, internet of things and artificial intelligence platforms.

Alychlo is the investment firm of Marc Coucke, a Belgian entrepreneur and the founder of Omega Pharma. Together with an experienced investment team, Marc invests with Alychlo in growing, innovative companies in order to support their further development. Alychlo invests in a range of sectors, but mostly healthcare and with a particular focus on oncology.

Swisscom Ventures is the corporate venturing arm of Swisscom AG, the leading Telecommunications provider in Switzerland. As a strategic investor, Swisscom Ventures invests in IT, telecommunication infrastructure and Internet related technologies both in Europe and the USA.

Endeavour Vision combines a team of experienced venture capital professionals who have collectively invested in over 60 companies in 10 countries in both the Life Sciences and Information/Communication Technology. The firm invests in innovative companies which have the potential to become global leaders.